Y&B windvane self steering system

Light weight and affordable windvane self steering system.

The best option if you want quick to fit affordabile performance .


Data sheet

Weight About 10 kgs/22 Lbs
Mounting system Super versatile, suitable for almost every transom, with or without a transom hung rudder. May require an extra mounting tube
Top mounting tube angle Choose either 90 & 30 degrees as standard, other angles optional extra
Upside Down Windvane Standard, with super easy engage/disengage
Remote control Option
Mast Glass fiber/epoxy, unfinished
Bearings Acetal/glass ball bearings
Pendulum rudder Glass fiber/epoxy foam, requires painting to protect from uv
Overload protection on pendulum rudder Standard, releases completely
Pre-assembled Yes, as far as compact shipping allows
Estimated assembly or build time 1 hour
Warranty 2 years on parts + 13 months "It will steer your boat"
Availability February-March delivery (Order before January)

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