Y&B windvane self steering system (90, 30, CA)

Light weight and affordable windvane self steering system.

The best option if you want quick to fit affordabile performance.

Please specify below if you want 90 or 30 degree upper mounting tube angle, or a specific custom angle (paid option)

Please refer to the Mister Vee brochure or ask Mister Vee for advice if unsure.


  • Round 90
  • Round 30 (usually for canoe sterns)
  • Round, custom angle

Data sheet

Weight About 10 kgs/22 Lbs
Mounting system Pre made upper mounting tube angle at 30, 90 or custom angle
Upper mounting tube angle Choose either 90 & 30 degrees as standard, other angles optional extra
Upside Down Windvane Standard, with super easy engage/disengage
Remote control Option
Mast Glass fiber/epoxy, unfinished
Bearings Acetal/glass ball bearings
Pendulum rudder Glass fiber/epoxy foam, requires painting to protect from uv
Overload protection on pendulum rudder Standard, releases completely
Pre-assembled Yes, as far as compact shipping allows
Estimated assembly or build time 1 hour
Warranty 2 years on parts + 13 months "It will steer your boat"
Availability February-March delivery (Order before January)
Extended vanebase Standard distance 200 mm
Support Email, phone, video call

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