Mister Vee windvane for Navik

Convert your Navik to an USD (Up Side Down) windvane self steering system.

395,00 €

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If your Navik windvane is broken or missing, you can fit a Mister Vee UpSideDown windvane with this kit, which includes:

  • The windvane
  • A glass fiber tube to extend the mast
  • A longer connecting rod

Mister Vee plus Navik

Mounting this kit involves:

  • Glue the longer connecting rod parts
  • Remove the remaining parts from the top of the Navik mast
  • Deburr the inside of the hole in the top of the mast
  • Insert the mast extension
  • Connect the Mister Vee windvane
  • Connect the longer connecting rod
  • Cast off and check if the pendulum rudder tracks ok
  • Enjoy!

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