Y&B Stretch (& UP)

Light weight and affordable windvane self steering system with extended vane base

If your scoop is very long or your rudder extends far back, or you require the systems mast to be above the deck or tiller.

2 030,00 €

  • 1 mounting tube, included as standard
  • 1+1 extra mounting tubes
  • 1+2 extra mounting tubes
  • 1+3 extra mounting tubes
  • Standard version
  • Stretch with UP-parts, to mount that systems mast higher up and further forward

Data sheet

Weight About 10 kgs/22 Lbs
Mounting system Super versatile, suitable for almost every transom, with or without a transom hung rudder. Upper mounting tube angle chosen during mounting. May require an extra mounting tube
Upper mounting tube angle Variable, choose during mounting
Upside Down Windvane Standard, with super easy engage/disengage
Mast Glass fiber/epoxy, unfinished
Bearings Acetal/glass ball bearings
Pendulum rudder Glass fiber/epoxy foam, requires painting to protect from uv
Overload protection on pendulum rudder Standard, releases completely
Pre-assembled Yes, as far as compact shipping allows
Warranty 2 years on parts + 13 months "It will steer your boat"
Availability February-March delivery (Order before January)
Extended vanebase Extended to 500 mm, other dimensions optional
Support Email, phone, video call
Covered gears, to protect from UV radiation Included as standard

More info

If you have a scoop or a transom hung rudder with the rear very far back from the rear of the boats deck, the standard version of Y&B may end up with the windvane too far back to operate it comfortably.

Y&B Stretch brings the systems mast further forward, at an arms length.

The standard distance from the front of the pendulum rudder to the center of the mast is 200 mm with the standard vanebase but it is 550 mm with Y&B Stretch.

Other dimensions on request, longer at a surcharge.

This system includes 4 meters of carbon fiber tubing, cut to length suitable for your boat, with a surcharge per 10 cm.

Maximum distance:

As far as the system can be used practically, there is no maximum distance, any distance can be made.

So for instance, if your boat has a 2 meter long scoop, Y&B Stretch can be set up to bridge that 2 meter distance.


With some extra parts, Y&B Stretch can be mounted higher up, with the mast above the deck and/or tiller.

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