Kit for self assembly, most parts are in a rough unfinished state.

If you want the most affordable high performance windvane self steering and don't mind putting in some work, this is the self steering system for you.

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  • No cover
  • Cover included

Data sheet

Weight About 10 kgs/22 Lbs
Mounting system Upper mounting tubes at 90 degree angle, 30 degrees paid option
Upper mounting tube angle 90 degrees as standard, other angles optional extra
Upside Down Windvane Standard, with super easy engage/disengage
Remote control Option
Mast Glass fiber/epoxy, unfinished
Bearings Acetal/glass ball bearings
Pendulum rudder Pre fabricated plywood, requires building with epoxy
Overload protection on pendulum rudder Standard, releases completely
Pre-assembled Only if that saves time in packaging
Estimated assembly or build time 20-40 hours
Warranty 2 years on parts (except pendulum rudder), no "It will steer your boat" guarantee
Availability Place orders before August 1st for delivery planned the following November
Extended vanebase Standard distance 200 mm
Support Forum only
Covered gears Paid option

More info

This is Y&B as a kit.

To achieve the lowest purchase price, all the time consuming tasks are performed by yourself:

  • Build the pendulum rudder from provided preshaped plywood and carbon fiber tube using epoxy (4-8 hours of work + curing time)
  • Paint the glass fiber mast, pendulum arm (optional) and the self made pendulum rudder blade (required)
  • Finish all parts to remove rough edges (2-4 hours)
  • Pasivate all stainless steel parts with cytric acid (2-4 hours + waiting time)
  • Assemble ( 4-8 hours)

Materials and parts

  • Standard Epoxy (quantity yet unknown)
  • sandpaper
  • citric acid
  • paint, suitable for painting over epoxy.
  • spectra dyneema for steering lines
  • fasteners
  • guide blocks for most boats
  • Extra mounting tube for some transoms

After completion this system is identical to Y&B, except for the pendulum rudder and the finish you added.

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